Sunday, January 17, 2016

   It's a lazy Sunday morning and here I am watching the playoffs. Seattle is getting pummeled by Carolina by 31 to zip and it is two minutes till halftime and the Panthers have the ball yet again. Looks like lights out for the Seahawks unless they can muster a comeback to rival any ever in the playoffs. It's difficult enough to score 31 points in a game much less in one half. 
   I didn't see much of the games yesterday but it looks like New England made the AFC championship game for the umpteenth time with Brady at the helm. I think that's the fifth straight time they've made it one game away from a Superbowl. Almost reminds of the time that Jim Kelley took Buffalo to four straight Superbowls although Kelly was completely shutout and came up empty on SB's but at least Brady went to the Big Show and has won it at a 50% clip winning in 2011 and 2014The score in yesterday's game was  a one score margin in a 27-20 win but I didn't watch the game and maybe it was or wasn't as close as one TD. It's looks like Brady shredded the defense with his laser throw for 302 yards and two touchdowns.  
  The other game the NFC divisional playoff game was also a good game that I missed and it was tied at regulation and the Arizona Cardinals squeaked out a 26-20 win over the Green Bay Packers in overtime. This one will be called the 're-flip' coin toss playoff game. Apparently, when the captains were asked for "heads or tail", Rodgers called tails and the Referee tossed the coin up. The coin took a turn for the worst and stayed in a flat trajectory and didn't flip and it came up heads. The Packers complained so the referee decided to try that little trick again and this time it did flip and Rodgers lost the toss again. You would think that if you got two tosses and you came up short you have nothing to complain about but the Packers are complaining because on the re-flip he didn't ask the teams whether they wanted to change their selections of 'heads or tails'. There is nothing in the rule book that calls for a re-flip if the coin refuses to cooperate. I would assume that if you lose two coin flips the forces of nature are against you and there is no way you are going to win the game. The Packers came up short.  
   I am no longer watching the Seahawk-Panther playoff game and I'm watching the Barcelona-Athletico Spanish futbol game. Messi has scored on a free kick and Neymar just scored on a beautiful flip over the goal keepeer's attempt to come up and stop the charge. Barca is winning 2-0 before halftime. 
   There is the next AFC divisional game that pits the Denver Broncos and the Pittsburgh Steelers. Looks like Peyton Manning will have another rematch wwith his nemesis Tom Brady next week. The reason I say this is because the Steelers seem to be banged up with several key players either hurting or out of the game and the Broncos have the home field. The oddsmakers are making the Broncos a 7-point favorite although they have stumbled in this situation more often than they've succeeded. This time however they should get over the hump and they'll meet the Pats next week. 
   It sure looks like the Carolina Panther's are on a roll and the NFC should come out on top in the Big FinaleSuper Bowl XXX or whatever that number is. I think they are no longer using Roman Numerals for the super Bowl and I think this one is number 50. I remember they used to show all the Super Bowls starting with Super Bowl I, but now it would take three days to show all those games. During the week I will gave my predictions and a synopsis for both the AFC and NFC championship games leading up to the Big Kahuna, The Super Bowl

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